Is a Dental Crown Necessary After Root Canal Treatment ?

Root canal Treatment in Kochi

The root canal is a complex dental treatment process that necessitates an experienced dental specialist. Dental clinics having expert doctors and advanced infrastructure offers the best root canal treatment. In addition to assessing the physical and medical conditions of the person, your dentist will suggest whether a dental crown is necessary after a root canal treatment.

Many are confused about the requirement of a dental crown after root canal treatment. Most of the studies indicate that fixing a dental crown is advisable for patients who have undergone root canal treatment. A discussion with the dental experts has been undertaken for understanding the benefits of a dental crown. Go through this article to understand the advantages of a dental crown after a root canal treatment.

What is a Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment is an advanced procedure for removing dental infections and restoring the health of the teeth. A proper and thorough examination of the patient is vital in delivering the best result.

The dental specialist will inspect the infected teeth and the exact physical condition of the same. The dentists would ask for an x-ray of the tooth for examining the internal condition. Most of the dental clinics have all the facilities for complete checkups of the patient. Therefore, it would be good to visit those clinics which offer the best root canal treatment in Kochi.

A brief of the procedure followed in root canal treatment:

  • Examination of the X-ray to ascertain the problem areas.
  • Local anesthesia to the infected tooth region.
  • Drill a small hole on the upper surface of the specific tooth.
  • Clinics providing the best root canal treatment will have technically. advanced equipment to ensure exceptional treatment. The dentist will remove the infections through the hole, using the equipment. This may not be completed in a single visit. The doctor will direct the patient to visit the clinic multiple times, for complete removal of the infected tissues and puss.
  • Once the doctor completes the removal of infected parts, an x-ray would be obtained to confirm the same. Inspection of the x-ray would be required to ascertain the completion of the root canal.
  • A specially prepared sealant will then be used to close the hole in the teeth.
  • The dental specialist will direct the patient to observe certain precautions to expedite the healing. Besides, healthy dental practices, which are to be pursued to improve the life of the teeth.

What are the Benefits of a Dental Crown after Root Canal Treatment?

Although a dental crown is mandatory after the root canal, the dentists suggest using the same. The benefits of the dental crown are:

  • Root canal treatment removes the infected nerves and tissues. This can also affect the existing nerves, turning them sensitive. Consequently, the individual may find it difficult to consume hot or cold food items. The dental crown will help reduce the sensitivity observed, at least in some of the patients, after the root canal.
  • A few patients may face weakened tooth conditions after the root canal treatment. This may happen even if one undergoes root canal treatment at the dental clinics that have an advanced treatment process. So the dental crown would protect the weakened or fragile teeth and improve their life.
  • Dental crown is a safety backup for the treated tooth. It will be like a helmet for a bike rider. The dental crown would protect the tooth that had undergone root canal treatment even if the individual is consuming sticky, chewy, or hard food items including nuts, hard candy, ice cream, popcorn, etc.
  • Root canal treatment is a proven and advanced methodology to remove dental infections. However, leakage through the sealant compound could cause infections to return. A dental crown would reduce the possibility of the same.
  • A dental crown will render the tooth a natural color. Tooth discoloration has been observed in some patients after the root canal treatment. A dental crown is definitely a solution in such cases.

The Conclusion

A dental crown could be placed even if one undergoes the best root canal treatment. The strength, physical condition, and performance of the sealant would depend on the individual as well. Lack of proper care leads to damage to the sealant and may result in a leak into the tooth. This will cause infection again. Tooth removal would be the only option in that case.

The individual can discuss with dental experts at Dentique, a reputed dental clinic in Kochi before deciding upon the same. Fixing a dental crown will not be an unnecessary expense, view the benefits it delivers. 

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