How to Improve Your Smile with Orthodontic Treatments ?

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It is said that the smile is the most beautiful ornament one can wear. A smile is an expression that can melt even the toughest minds, create a bond between strangers, and reflect positivity. We all like to begin the day with a smile. However, oral or dental issues including misaligned teeth, disarranged jaws, crowding of teeth, and other similar issues can affect the confidence of people, preventing them from smiling sincerely.

You don’t have to worry if you are one with such issues. It is an issue of the past when dental science was not advanced much. With ultra-modern facilities, available, well-established dental clinics and expert orthodontists in Kochi can resolve this problem easily. Consult our orthodontists to have detailed guidance regarding the treatment process for various oral issues including disarrangement of teeth.  

Go through the article below to know about various orthodontic treatments to align the jaws and teeth correctly. You will have an idea about the treatment methods and the one you can choose if you are facing a dental issue. 

Metal braces

Metal braces in kochi

Metal brace is one of the oldest methods for correcting dental misalignments. It is cost-effective as well. The braces made of metal will be fixed around the teeth for pulling them back to the position. The person will have to wear the braces throughout until the teeth alignment is corrected. Some may find it awkward to keep it on. However, metal braces have proven efficacy. Therefore, many people opt for metal braces. 

 Ceramic braces

Ceramic braces follow the same technique as metal braces. The only difference is that the braces are made of ceramics, which have a similar color tone as teeth. Therefore, it will not be evident to others that you are wearing braces. Similar to metallic braces, ceramic braces have to be worn, for the period, until the dental issue is resolved. It is costlier than metal braces.

Lingual braces

Lingual braces in kochi

Costlier than metallic and ceramic braces, Lingual Brace is worn from inside. Whereas both metal and ceramic braces are fixed on the exterior portion of the teeth. Since the lingual brace is fixed in the inner area, it will not be visible to others. This dental treatment method may cause some discomfort initially due to the rubbing of the braces with the tongue.

Fast Braces

Fast braces in kochi

Fast braces are one of the modern technologies for the correction of dental misalignments. Only a few orthodontists in Kochi and advanced dental clinics may have this facility. As the name suggests, Fast Braces resolve dental problems in less time than other types of braces. The construction of fast braces is similar to metal and ceramic braces.

Fast braces use a two-step methodology for the treatment of dental problems. The first step is the placement of braces, similar to normal braces. The second step involves subsonic waves and phototherapy. The second stage of treatment is for energizing the cells to act and reposition the teeth as pulled by the braces. The double-action, pulling by the braces along with the act of energized cells will resolve the teeth alignment problem in a shorter time.

We advise you to consult only an expert orthodontist, with enough experience, for this treatment. Availability of advanced equipment is also essential. Check the dental clinic you are approaching whether the advanced equipment for this treatment is available or not.   


 Invisalign in kochi

Invisalign is a type of transparent plastic, removable teeth aligners tailored to correct teeth malocclusion. Invisalign is commonly advised for those with simple teeth rotation, teeth with spacing less than 4mm per arch, crowded teeth correction, etc. Invisalign is virtually invisible,  has great esthetic appeal, doesn’t irritate gums, and is easy to maintain. Invisalign is a relatively expensive smile correction solution. 


Retainers are dental appliances usually prescribed for patients whose braces are removed. It’s always advised to wear retainers to complete any orthodontic treatment. These custom-made dental solutions, worn after braces are essential to make sure your teeth don’t drift out of their new position, preventing your teeth from backsliding to their pre-treatment positions. Without the retainers, your teeth may relapse into their previous state, gradually reversing the work of your orthodontist. A custom-built retainer will fit comfortably around your teeth, protecting your teeth and gum and maintaining the correct smile. Retainers are supposed to be worn until your orthodontist suggests you to. 

The Conclusion

You can choose the best dental alignment process, from those listed above, that will brighten your smile. Consider a well-qualified orthodontist for dental alignment, jaw correction, and other oral treatments. By undergoing advanced treatment and pursuing guidance from the dentist, you can win back your smile easily. You may discuss with us regarding the advanced dental treatments available, the efficacy of the same, and how long it will take to correct the issue.

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