All you need to know about Dental Tourism in Kerala

dental tourism in Kerala

Kerala has over the past years emerged as a favourite destination not just for regular tourists, but also for those looking for affordable, yet reliable dental treatments. Dental tourism in Kerala, has witnessed exponential growth, with an increase in the number of international visitors, to the state, for dental treatment. Kerala is doubly blessed, for not only is it picturesque, but it has the right ingredients to lure tourists – hilly terrain replete with dense forests, exotic wildlife, stunning waterfalls, streams and backwaters, warm sunny beaches, expansive lakes, houseboats, coffee, tea and spice plantations, rich history and culture, lip-smacking cuisine and Ayurveda, and to top it all, a pleasant climate and a friendly local people.

However, that is just one aspect of Kerala that has given it the coveted title of God’s own country. The other and equally important fact is that Kerala is modern and developed, with excellent infrastructure and facilities. One among them is the world-class dental clinics that exist throughout the state. These dental clinics and hospitals have garnered a reputation for themselves. Dentique – The Dental Studio, for instance, is an established dental clinic in Kochi, in Kerala, offering dental tourism. It is known for its team of skilled, dedicated and highly professional staff. The clinic provides a host of dental treatments, ranging from dental cosmetic surgery to sophisticated laser dentistry and a whole gamut of specialised treatments.

Dr Sampreeth Mathew is a renowned dentist, in Kochi, and a pioneer, who introduced Minimal Invasive Cosmetic Treatment (MICT) at Dentique – The Dental Studio. The new technology enables treatments to be completed in a short period. They are less invasive, less painful, and the recovery is speedy.

Let’s give you a perspective on reasons that dental tourism in Kerala is popular among international clients. Apart from what’s been mentioned, here is what adds to its popularity.


Cost of medical treatment, especially dental treatment, is rather high, in most western nations. While in Kerala, the cost of dental treatments is a mere fraction of what one would pay in the United States or the United Kingdom. Further, the exchange rate works to your advantage. For instance, one US Dollar is equal to around seventy Indian Rupees, and one Pound Sterling is roughly ninety Indian Rupees. You can do the math, to check, what a dental treatment in India would cost you, as opposed to treatment elsewhere.

A point that needs a mention here is that the low cost of service does in no way signify a poor quality of treatment. The quality of service is maintained and is at par with the best dental facilities across the globe. Since the procedure is affordable, you may not have to worry about your insurance company not covering the expenses.

Hi-tech clinics

Another reason for the boom in dental tourism in Kerala is that clinics here offer ultra-modern facilities. The latest equipment and apparatus are used for treatment. The equipment is precise and less invasive, resulting in quick, efficient and painless treatment.

Well-appointed clinics

If you are worried about hygiene conditions and the general state of the dental clinics, in Kerala, you can be assured that the clinics maintain exceptionally high standards of cleanliness. Everything, right from the reception and foyer area, to the waiting rooms and the consultation rooms, and toilets, to the actual dental treatment areas, is spotlessly clean and well-maintained. You can push aside your fear of compromising your health because that is something that will not happen.

Skill and qualification

Another major factor responsible for the rise in dental tourism in Kerala is the highly-qualified dentists and orthodontists that we have here. You know you are in safe hands when the attending dentist and staff are qualified, experienced and skilled.

No waiting time

It is easy to schedule an appointment at a dental clinic in Kerala. Most clinics will accommodate patients and work according to their plans. You do not have to wait for weeks or months to see a dentist. Patients can call or send an email to the clinic to discuss the problem and fix an appointment. Clinics provide every necessary assistance to facilitate the client.

Extended vacation

Kerala has always been on the tourist map. You can combine a vacation here, alongside your dental treatment. There are multiple options to choose from – beach holidays, houseboat vacations on the backwaters, wildlife resorts, jungle-themed holidays, trekking into the wild and exclusive Ayurveda and SPA vacations that are great for rejuvenation and relaxation. There is a lot to see and do here too. Kochi also has a lot to offer, in terms of history, cuisine and sightseeing.

Yoga, Ayurveda and Martial Arts

A trip to India, for dental treatment, is also an opportunity to learn, enjoy and appreciate ancient Indian practices, such as yoga, Ayurveda and martial arts. Resorts generally have in-house Ayurvedic centres, where authentic herbal ayurvedic treatments are done. Learn the science behind yoga, at any of the Yoga centres, in Kerala. Yoga involves physical, mental and spiritual exercises, that help heal and invigorate the body and mind. The martial arts of Kerala are unique to the place. They are about self-discipline and concentration.

Kerala makes for an ideal destination for your dental treatments. Send an enquiry to a dental clinic, and they will get back to you with all the details. Don’t miss out on the opportunity.

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