Clear Braces (Ceramic braces) Vs Invisalign: Things You Need To Know

Clear braces Vs Invisalign

Changing up your look is something that everyone looks forward to. Getting orthodontic treatment is one of the most popular steps towards changing your appearance and your life. But many people approach it with fear based on hearsay from a handful of people. This has made the relatively bearable process of dental braces seem daunting and fearful.

Addressing such concerns, the latest entrants to the dental technology industry are – Clear braces (Ceramic Braces) and Invisalign – two aesthetically pleasing yet functional teeth alignment solutions. Seemingly similar yet different in structure and purpose, both Ceramic braces and Invisalign are far less noticeable than traditional braces and conceal themselves pretty well. Let us take a detailed look at the two:

Clear Braces/Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces in Kochi

Clear braces use the same process as that traditional braces with the difference being only in the materials used. While traditional braces use metal and rubber bands to keep each bracket, a clear brace is made of ceramic or porcelain and the rubber bands are also clear/transparent. Clear braces ensure that the function of the braces is met without compromising on aesthetics. It is noted that the use of turmeric in Indian cuisine causes transparent rubber bands to turn yellow. However, it doesn’t affect the bracket in any way.


Invisalign in Kochi

Invisalign is a different form of dental treatment whereby aligners that are clear and made of plastic material, are custom made to fit one’s teeth. The treatment using aligners includes changing the aligners every few weeks/months, whereby each set of aligners brings it closer and closer to the desired alignment of teeth. 

There are many third-party alternatives in the market from vendors/brands that have taken the market by storm. But there are many problems below the surface with such third parties or online vendors:

  • More expensive than Invisalign
  • No professional consultation by dentists
  • Managed by technicians and/or customer service team
  • No proper feedback mechanism
  • High risk

To sum up, it is always better to get your orthodontic treatment from a professional dental team after proper consultation.

Let us now take a look at the pros and cons of Clear Braces vis-a-vis Invisalign

Clear Braces Invisalign
Pros Pros
Clear braces are made of a ceramic or porcelain material which is similar to traditional metal braces. Clear braces are attached in the form of brackets to each tooth which are interconnected with each other. Invisalign is a clear plastic material that is shaped in the form of one’s teeth. It is molded in a way that it perfectly fits your teeth. Invisalign is designed in such a way that it is required to be removed while eating or drinking and fitted back.
Clear braces are relatively cheaper in comparison to Invisalign. Invisalign only has the initial cost tied to it and there are no additional costs involved unless necessary. The benefits of Invisalign over clear braces make it seem worth the cost.
Treatment using clear braces covers roughly 18 months to 3 years, depending on the gravity of the complication involved. In the case of Invisalign, the treatment period is for an approximate duration of 6-18 months, with severe complications involving a maximum of 2 years.
The treatment using clear braces involves regular visits to the dentist to check the progress and tighten them, ensuring that your treatment can be tracked perfectly on a timely basis. The invisalign treatment involves replacing the aligners aperiodically, which can be done oneself without necessitating a trip to the dentist every time.
With clear braces, the permanency of the structure ensures that the treatment does not get hampered in any way, such as forgetting to put the aligners back on after brushing or similar activities. Invisalign is designed in such a way that it can be removed and reinserted during daily activities. It is also easier to brush your teeth if you are under Invisalign treatment, making oral hygiene easier to maintain and follow.
Cons Cons
There is a slight chance that braces may hinder your day-to-day activities such as eating sticky foods, drinking, sleeping, etc. An aligner is required to be worn for a specific period of time per day; if it is not worn as per its designated period of time, the aligner treatment may extend for a longer period.
Clear braces require additional trips to the dentist to refit and tighten them over time. Through Invisalign, you don’t get to have regular checkups with a professional orthodontist; any queries or consultation required would be dealt with only by a customer service professional/technician.
The treatment using clear braces requires periodic visits to your orthodontist for regular checkups and any complications, if any, such as ceramic breakages which could be a common occurrence in clear braces vis-a-vis metallic ones. The treatment using Invisalign does not warrant a follow-up from a medical professional. Therefore, in case any complications arise, getting it resolved would be a difficult task.
Clear braces are affixed to the teeth permanently, making them a slight hindrance to day-to-day oral hygiene. One cannot remove and affix them doing daily activities like brushing teeth, eating, drinking or sleeping. While using clear braces, you also have to adhere to a few food restrictions as well. While using aligners you are at liberty to remove and refix them as and when required – such as for eating or brushing teeth. However, if the aligners are not put back on time, the period of treatment gets affected in a bad way.


These are just some of the major points of contention between clear braces and Invisalign. Choosing the best option for your teeth between clear braces or Invisalign treatment can be done by an experienced and trusted orthodontist.

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