How do Dental Implants Work and What are Their Benefits?

In the early days, extraction was the most preferred form of dental treatment. But what after that? After extraction there is bone resorption, the adjacent teeth would fall into the space and create more problems than it solves – Spacing in teeth, Movement and Loosening of the remaining teeth, Change in facial features etc.

bone restoration
So the next step is to opt for a bridge. A bridge ensures that the remaining teeth remain in position. Unfortunately, a bridge suffers two major drawbacks:
1. It compromises the integrity of the two adjacent teeth
2. It does not stop bone resorption

Research in Dental Sciences has witnessed extensive changes over the last few years. Dentistry today has evolved to replace your tooth in a manner so as to not only preserve the natural look but also provide an equal function. The difference to an outsider is absolutely discernible.
This treatment modality is called a Dental Implant. A dental implant is a perfect substitute for your original tooth as it preserves the original bone structure (of course only if done in time)

dental treatment

How do Dental Implants Work?

Dentists recommend that oral surgery of dental implant should be conducted only when the person has healthy gums and strong bone support. It all begins with a titanium base being inserted into the space earlier occupied by the natural tooth. Once that is done, time is given for the gums and bone to heal so as to provide the implant with a strong foundation (akin to that of a plant and root). This process is done under sedation so as to minimize the pain felt.
The second phase of surgery involves fixing a connector to the above-mentioned implant. The connector would then be used for mounting a ceramic crown (the ideal alternative of a natural tooth).
Even though the steps are over, you would need to regularly visit your dentist. Maintaining oral hygiene and paying heed to the dentist’s advice is essential for the success of the implant.
Dental Implants are expensive and also require a certain level of skill and understanding to place so try to research and select the best dentist and the best implantologist.

Benefits of Dental Implants

dental implant

Even though dental implants procedure is long drawn and costs more than other related treatments, it has certain added advantages to it:

  • Look:

The best thing about the implant is that it looks and feels just like the natural tooth would without compromising on the strength and functionality.

  • The high success rate:

The process of dental implant treatment is time-consuming and demands a certain level of commitment from the patient. But the final result is worth the wait and trouble. Dentists state that the success rate of dental implants is far better than other tooth replacement alternatives. If you have well-maintained oral health, dental implant is the right choice for you. Furthermore, developments in the field of science and medicine have provided better techniques for this kind of oral surgery.

  • Comfortable:

Though initially as is with any type of artificial fitment, dental implants too require time to adjust, once adjusted they became a part of your mouth. You will never find any distinction between the natural teeth and the dental implant. No discomfort or pain would be felt after a point of time.

  • Eat and chew better:

As mentioned earlier, dental implants are designed in a manner to provide you with the functionality of natural teeth. Regular visits to the dentist along with precautions will ensure that the implant is well-preserved. There would be no difference between the original and the replaced tooth. This way you will be able to consume everything your heart desires be it hard fruits.

  • Improves Speech:

Proper alignment of teeth without spacing is essential for clear speech. Spacing may cause difficulties in enunciation and thereby difficulty in understanding. Dental implants ensure that all teeth remain in their precise position. This ensures crystal clear diction without any kind of speech impairment.

  • Convenience:

Dental implants can be used even to place dentures. The positive aspect of this modality is that once the denture is placed you can take care of it like your normal teeth. You are never required to remove or fit it again. You will be saved from the embarrassments caused due to putting the tooth back in place or taking it out every once in a while. Thus, convenience is yet another benefit of the denture with dental implants.

  • Reliable and durable:

Dental implants do require care and regular visits to the dentist. But once the implant settles, it will remain fixed forever. It becomes as reliable as the natural tooth you once used to have. No more sensitivity, no more enamel erosion, no more cavities (only for the implant, you still have to take care of the remaining teeth).

  • Overall Oral Health:

Single dental implant does not compromise on the integrity of other teeth. This means that there would be no alteration made to the neighbouring teeth. A new tooth would be fixed in place and your overall look will be maintained. You will be able to clean and brush your teeth properly. Thus, you will never face the danger of having a decayed tooth or other associated problems.

  • Security:

Dental implants fix artificial teeth and thus are not prone to slipping or moving. This eradicates the issues relating to the poor fit of teeth including irritation of gums and oral diseases caused due to it. You will be relieved of any kinds of oral issues for the rest of your life. Just don’t forget to take care of the implant.

  • Improved Self-Confidence:

    People face problems in social situations with improper teeth. Dental implants while providing a natural look guarantees with a boost to the inner self-esteem too. You will be able to smile and talk comfortably with everyone around you. Social situations would never be unpleasing to you.

Why Opt Dental Implant?

Placement of dental implants is a highly technical process. This has evolved with time. Dentists are well-trained and are provided sufficient guidance to place implants in the patient’s mouth. It might seem that the risks involved are many- huge amounts of money, care and attention, regular visits to the dentists might be stressful. But as mentioned above, the advantages of dental implants are many. In an era where anything can be cured, why would you choose to suffer due to impaired teeth?

Dentists today recommend dental implants as the pros definitely outweigh the cons. Nowadays, anaesthetic or other sedatives are used to make patients feel comfortable and not feel any kind of pain. Yes, the healing time-period differs from person to person. It is based on the location of the dental implant as well as bone and gum health. It can range somewhere from five to six weeks to some months. But once that time phase is over, you will feel good again. Considering the merits of dental implants, most dentists recommend this treatment to their patients. especially with the success rate of 95-98% for dental implants.

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